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Nokia Lumia 520 Wifi Problem [Solution]



I have been having problems with connect to my home wifi connection for the past week now as I have bought the Nokia Lumia 520 on prepay. Great phone and all but the wifi kept giving me the error "In-correct password" even tho I knew it was right because I entered it over 50 times i'd say. Anyways, I tried changing my router settings but everything that I changed wouldn't work except for when I changed it to "Privacy Off" which is therefore an open network free to anyone which I didn't want. 


The solution for me is as follows, I found this on the nokia forum and thought this might be helpful for some of you because it was for me.


Go to settings on your router which can be accessed by entering your IP address on your local network/default gateway. To do this, search for CMD on windows and right click, run as administrater, type in "ipconfig", then look for where it says default gateway and type that ip address into your address bar.


When you get to the page of your router, go to wireless settings > Advance > then change > Operating mode = 802.11 G, it most likely is on "Normal 802.11 g + b" once this is done, save changes and restart your router/modem. 


This should solve your problem, if not there is not much more I can do as I have had to search the internet for this info myself and there wasn't much solution's for it. Bear in mind that my modem is "Motorola Netopia 2247-62".


Also, I do not take responsiblity if you mess up your router settings, etc. Do this at your own risk. This is just incase anyone gets mad, if it didn't work for them.



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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 Wifi Problem [Solution]

Thanks very much
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Re: Nokia Lumia 520 Wifi Problem [Solution]

Thank you so much for this! I've spent the last 24 hours driving myself insane trying to connect to my home wi-fi! Can I just enquire as to how this will affect other things connected to this same router in my house? If any?