iPhone Standard Insurance


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This comprehensive insurance policy is for all iPhones.

It covers theft, accidental damage, airtime cover and your iPhone accessories for €9.99.

Please note that it does not cover loss but you can upgrade at any stage to our €12.99 Premium product to increase your level of cover.

What does it cost?

iPhone Standard Insurance costs just €9.99 a month. This cover applies to all iPhones.

What's covered?

iPhone Insurance is available on any iPhone registered and approved with Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited.

Stolen mobiles

Send us a correctly completed claim form and a policy excess payment of €65.00 and we will send you a replacement mobile within one working day of a successful claim. Your new phone will be identical to the one that was lost or stolen. If your model of phone is not available, a replacement model with the closest functionality available will be sent up to the value of €1,500.00 replacement value including VAT.

Damaged mobiles

We will provide you with a mobile while your mobile is being repaired. If your mobile cannot be repaired, we will replace it. Again, your new mobile will be identical to your damaged mobile. However, if your model of phone is not available, a replacement model with the closest functionality available will be sent.



Lost or damaged batteries, battery chargers, hands free kits and cases are all also covered, up to €130 replacement value including VAT. Payment will be made to purchase replacement car kits where compatibility issues arise between your existing car kits and replacement mobile phone (subject to the overall policy limit). However, no payment will be made in respect of the installation of car kits. Only Three recommended car kits will be supplied.


Misuse of airtime

If calls are made on your mobile after it has been reported lost or stolen to Three customer care and the Gardai, we will cover the cost of these calls to a maximum of €1500 including VAT.


What's not covered?


  • Loss of mobile
  • The first €65.00 of any claim.
  • Repairs that are covered by your mobiles warranty or mechanical breakdown.
  • Mobiles stolen from an unattended vehicle, unless they are in a glove compartment or locked boot.
  • Claims as a result of undue care or negligence.
  • Claims which are not notified to the Gardai and Three Customer Care within 24 hours of your becoming aware of the loss or theft.
  • More than two claims in any 12 month period.
  • Completed claims not returned within 30 days of loss or theft.
  • Claims made within the first 60 days*, unless the policy was taken out when first connecting to Three or when re-contracting on an upgrade with Three.
  • Loss, destruction or damage when the SIM card is not in the mobile phone.
  • Any mobile phones that are unable to be registered or approved with Three Ireland (Hutchison) Limited.

*Please check your next Three bill for the exact date from which you are covered.

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