Are there any tips on how to handle nuisance calls?


Most malicious callers enjoy upsetting the person they call so keeping calm and showing no emotion may put them off.


If you answer, say "Hello" rather than giving your name and number. This can stop a caller who dials your number at random from remembering it and calling again. 

If a caller asks you to confirm your number ask them what number they want and then tell them whether they’re right or wrong.


Let callers identify themselves first if their number is not displayed on your mobile phone. Consider rejecting calls with an unrecognisable number or withheld number.


If, after following these general precautions, the phone rings again then don't say anything when you answer. A genuine caller will speak first.


Don't talk to malicious callers and don't reply to unfamiliar text messages. 

You should put the mobile phone down calmly and ignore it for a few minutes before ending the call or switching it off. This can often deter the caller particularly when they realise they're wasting their time and money. 

Some people may randomly send text messages to get a response from you. Don't reply to the message if you don't know the number who has sent the message. 


I am still getting nuisance calls. What do I do?


You can change your number if you continue to receive nuisance calls. Contact the Forum if you would like to do this.


If the calls are distressing or malicious we would strongly urge you to report the incidents to your local Garda Station. 


They will then follow this up via their Crime & Security Branch based in Phoenix Park.

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