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Problem setting up call divert

Hi There,


I have a pay-as-you-go Nokia and am having a problem setting up the call divert function. If I don't get to answer the phone it rings for (what seems like) ever before going to the voice mailbox. Anybody phoning me won't wait that long on the line and just hangs up. When I go into Call Settings - Call Divert -  Divert All Voice Calls  - Activate  - To Voice Mailbox , I get a message "Request not completed". 


How do I set up Call Divert with a shorter span of rings?


Any help would be appreciated,  Many Thanks, Dero.

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Re: Problem setting up call di


I can shorten your ring time here, also to set up voicemail and get unanswered calls to divert to your voicemail all you need to do is call 171 and listen to this right out to the end.