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O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal



I was wondering if O2 have similar product to Vodafone's SureSignal?  I live in an area with poor coverage and would be interested in getting this, if it is available for O2 customers.


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

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Hi , To the best of my knowledge I don't think o2 have anything to boost the signal in poor network areas. I could be wrong.


An O2 Staff member should be able to confirm if they do or not some time tomorrow morning for you :smileyhappy:

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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

O2 said before they have no plans at this moment to bring in signal boosters. Maybe that will change, but maybe they're working on coverage and don't see the need for customer boosters.
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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

The sure signal service is a bit of a racket. At the moment we would rather spend money ourselves improving the network rather than make you fork out extra.
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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

Hi All,


Thanks for your replies!  Is there a page on O2 Ireland that lists the areas where network coverage has been improved?  I know there used to be such a page but I've lost the link.


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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

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Re: O2 equivalent product to Vodafone Sure Signal

 By "spend money ourselves improving the network" do you mean something like Radio spectrum to be auctioned off by ComReg as I really can't see o2 solving the issue of no coverage in areas by putting up masts every time there is a topography change every kilometer or so out in the countryside. It is ok if you think a sure signal device is a racket by vodofone but I don't mind one bit having to buy into that racket if it means I can have reception inside my home. I really hope o2 Ireland Telefonica are considering a femtocell that could be sure signal competitor in the meantime as even with the auction of radio spectrum relinquished by the tv analogue signal sell off I can't see any network making use of this for LTE ect for several years considering the the allocating of licenses for 3g in Ireland was discussed in 2000 but didn't get announced until 2002 and weren't even rolled out properly for many years after (Im still waiting for 3g in my area but at the same time I still can't get gsm) Im quite sure vodofone will go after a LTE license or the likes too but they still came out with the sure signal. I can even see this being useful in the future even when LTE is about because if telephone companies are to use some of the analogue spectrum I can clearly recall hills and valleys being a problem for that and tv signal too.


I would with out hesitation spend money on an o2 sure signal. (A nextivity cel fi repeater will not do unless their new RS2 can drag in to my house o2 3g signal from 400 meters away.


This message is not direct at you Daryll, you have helped me out of too many phone related scrapes for me to be mad at a mod, I just can't see why phone companies will not license femtocell consider the wall of a house or even a hedge can block a signal in areas around the country side as well as city apartment blocks considering another network has already being providing this service for 6months when most of the people I have talked to about it would easily jump ship to vodofone. I wouldn't even mind if there was limitations  to the service with data limits and monthly charges so long as I could make a single call or send a text indoors. I can understand a company not wanting to spend money on putting up masts to help out random nonviable areas with a house or two but they could make money by selling and or monthly billing customers who are already giving them money for new phones or contracts anyway.


I would prefer o2 would try out new ideas in keeping the customer they already have, considering other networks are offering solutions to this exact problem considering how easy it is to swap these days. O2 are actually great at customer service, the best I have come across regarding any utility in Ireland, now it would be great it telefonica could just improve their actual service              


 Thank for reading my views on this again Daryll, I am just trying to let Telefonica other o2 customers know that there is a need and customer base for this product or the likes in Ireland, waiting for o2 to move to LTE for 100mbs broadband would be amazing, I could cut off my land line and have no need for anything like a Sure Signal but first I would like for my house to reach the heights of 1997 when Esat Digifone started and receive a gsm call