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O2 email inbox blocked

 My email inbox is blocked. I am aware of intermittent problems you are having with emails but this is totally different. My inbox has been completely (totally) blocked for about 3 weeks, it is not allowing emails in and it won't let me in to check my mails.

When I log on and go into my inbox it tells me inbox empty but when I check the summary of folders I have over 300 mails in there.

 Also when someone sends me an email it sends them a notification that it is still attempting to deliver it after a  weeks.  

 I am aware of ongoing email problem with o2 but this is totally different.

We have about 5 o2 users in the house the other experience the intermittent problem but mine has not worked at all for about 3 weeks and I don't know how many important emails that are there on hold.

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Re: O2 email inbox blocked

Can you pm me your o2 email address please?

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