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signal booster

Hi everyone,

Im moving house and I am wondering is there anything gaget that I can get to boost my phone signal in the house. I depend on my mobile for work and basically I wont be able to move into my new house until I have a signal there... what can I do?

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Re: signal booster

I've seen units like this advertised a lot lately. Not sure how good they are though but might be worth looking into

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Re: signal booster


Just a reminder that any of these products are illegal to use in Ireland as they are effectively transmitting under the frequency band of the Operators.

If you incorrectly installed them, you could affect the overall signal quality for all surrounding customers.
Installing them incorrectly, or directed at the wrong site, may also make your overall service worse.

Saying that, if installed correcty, the operator will not be aware of your use of them, and they can boost your coverage.