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Call cost from Bangkok

Hi o2 Help, 


I just tried to make a phone call to another o2 mobile and could not get through. 


This was about two hours before Katie Tayor's match. (Presumably 14.45 GMT?) 


Apparently the call duration was 11 seconds but all I heard was silence (you know what I mean) and I know that the other side did not receive the call. My mother is also a loyal o2 customer. 


I was charged 2 euro. 


Please help me to figure out what happened. 


My o2 sim did not work in Cambodia or Vietnam as I had active call barrings and I was immensely looking forward to being able to conduct a call home from my o2 handset here in Thailand. I would really apprecialte if you would inform me as to what happened and why my balance depreciated so quicly in a matter of seconds when the call did not connect to the other side. 


Thanking you in advance, 



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Re: Call cost from Bangkok

It is per minute billing so that explains the €2 charge but the connection issue baffles me. Were you able to get through afterwards?
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