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Re: BB messager not working

Hi Jason, There is a known issue at the moment with customers being unable to add a 700MB to their account. Our technicians are currently working on a fix for this.

Unfortunately, there is no exact timeframe on a resolution just yet, but it is high priority as it is fairly widespread. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

You will also need to text BLACK to 50231 to set up your Blackberry provisioning on your account. Then text the NET to 50231. If this issue persists tomorrow you could give us a shout on 1850-601747, and we can troubleshoot these issues in-call with you. .
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Re: BB messenger not working

i bought a tenner credit when i first started textin NET and it kept sayin ther was a problem with my account , but obviosly since that wasn't workin it was used to pay for the internet @99c daily

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Re: BB messager not working

Ok and have you since followed the steps above?
Also there is no daily rate on BkackBerry.