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stolen phone... what next?

Hi my iPhone was stolen last night

ONe of your agents Ronan kindly blocked the phone for me.


I want to know what I need to do next? How will it affect my bill status?

Also from what I know the insurance claim process can take awhile. Is it possible for me to get a new phone online with an upgrade? I really need tp get a replacement phone as soon as possible.




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Re: stolen phone... what next?

Hi Layka,

As you only got an upgrade last April, you have no upgrade on your account.

You would have to buy one sim free or use a replacement old phone you may have. You can use your own number all you need to do is get a sim replacement in any O2 Store.

If you are making a claim through your insurance go here
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Re: stolen phone... what next?

hi my daughters phone has just been stolen at a grad party and she needs it blocked as soon as possible please could u help!!

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Re: stolen phone... what next?

Has she contacted customer care to have the account blocked?

If you can get her to post her I will have her account details and will be able to place a block on the phone.
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